Local Authority Housing
Local Authority Housing application process

If you want to go on the waiting list for a local authority accommodation, you have to go through an application process.

First, you need to fill out an application form. You can access the form online here or get one from the housing counter at the Bray Town Council.

The application form is a very long document (24 pages). If you need help filling out the form you can go to the local Citizens Information Office.

Address: 3-4 The Boulevard, Quinsboro Road, Bray
Tel: 286 0666 

You will need a lot of supporting documentation for your application. Below a list of some of them:

PPS number

Photo identification

Details of income certified by source of income

Proof of disability

Proof of the accommodation you are living in

Declaration before the Garda that the information you give is right


When filling the application form, it is important that you give information about your long-term accommodation needs. That is to say that you should ask your doctor how your condition may change in the long run and what accommodation needs you may have ten to twenty years from now. If you have MS, for example, you may be a wheelchair in five years time, and need a house where you can move a round in a wheelchair.

You should also let the Housing Officer know if you are linked with any disability services.

Second, when you have given in the filled out application form, you have to make an appointment with the Housing Officer for a housing assessment. There is usually a 4 to 6-week waiting list to be assessed, but the waiting time can be longer. When you make an appointment for the Housing assessment, be sure to mention any special requirements you have for the interview. You may be bringing an interpreter or a support person. When the housing section know that you have special needs they will give you more time for the assessment.

In the housing assessment meeting, the Housing Officer will go through the application with you. The Officer will decide whether the Environmental Health Officer should see what condition your current accommodation is in.

Third: If the Housing Officer thinks that the Environmental Health Officer should look at the condition of where you are living now, the Environmental Health Officer will contact you. They will make an appointment with you to come and look at your accommodation when you are at home.

Fourth: When the Housing Officer has your application and all the supporting documents and a report from the Environmental Health Officer she will decide whether you are accepted on the Local Authority Housing list. The process usually takes around two months but can take longer.

If you are accepted on the Local Authority Housing list, it will take years for you to get accommodation. If you are very picky about where you want to live, it may take a very long time. If you are not too fussy about where you live, you will wait for a shorter time. The Local Authority has a points system. The more points you have the closer to the top of the waiting list you are. You get points for things such as:

Crowded current housing situation

Poor condition of your current housing situation


How long you are on the waiting list

How many children you have

Fifth: Once you are on the housing list, it is important to let the Housing Officer know about any change in your medical condition. You can ask your GP or occupational therapist to get in contact with the Housing Department at the Town Council and explain the changes to the Housing Officer. This is important because the Town Council will be able to design accommodation for you that will suit your long term needs. This is especially important is you are someone with a physical disability.

If you have an intellectual disability and want to live in supported housing, you will have to get on both the Bray Town Council Housing list and a Housing Association list. There are lots of Housing Associations.

It is also important to let the Housing Officer know about any change of address. You may be taken off the housing list if you cannot be contacted through the contact details you have given.

Sixth: If you are offered accommodation by the Local Authority and you refuse a reasonable offer, you will not be considered for another house for 12 months. If you refuse two offers in 18 months, you lose rent allowance. In other words, you should think hard about what area in Bray you would like to live in and what kind of accommodation you would like to live in (semi-detached house, apartment). If you change your mind after you are on the housing list, let the Housing Officer know by writing to them, so that they can change your preferences and offer you a place that suits you.

If you are not accepted on the Local Authority Housing waiting list, you can apply to the Rental Accommodation Scheme (RAS).


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